Photos From The FLUX Release Party! (Specifically, My FLUX-Themed Nails!)

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 12.06% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

So last Friday, at indie Cleveland institution Loganberry Books, I held my The Flux release party!
(The sequel to Flex is out. You knew it was out, right? All right, continuing on.)
Anyway, it was a good night.  As usual, my Mad Manicurist Ashley did my nails to match my book:
Photos from a Flux debut
(Yes, those are Xbox logos on my thumbs. Why? Because Valentine DiGriz is an Xbox girl.  Should anyone ever cosplay, it’s the Xbox controller she has on a bandolier at her hip.  Assuming that’s still a bandolier.) But I got dressed up in my usual “author” suit, which some ladies deemed as “extremely kissable”: Photos from a Flux debut
And Loganberry Books had me on a sign out front, like I was a real author and everything: Photos from a Flux debut
And I had Great Scott’s Bakery – the best cupcakes in Cleveland, and I assure you I’ve tried ’em all – do me up two sets of Flux-themed cupcakes.  The first were Boston Kreme-flavored cupcakes, which if you’ll recall Kit said were the sign of a slovenly nature and yet, strangely, were Valentine’s preference:
Photos from a Flux debut
The second were vanilla kreme, but Scott (yes, Great Scott’s bakery is run by Great Scott) wanted flames on the cupcakes, and so made really high poofy flamey cupcakes.
Photos from a Flux debut
I did not get photos of the event – I usually take a photo of the audience, but this time I forgot.  But I’d say about forty people showed up to hear me do an Extremely Dramatic reading, including a Surprise Sweetie Appearance from my sweetie who came all the way from Pennsylvania – which would be the drive-in record if not for another person I knew who’d driven four hours from the hell-and-gone side of Michigan to see me for an hour or two.
And I read my Dramatic Chapter, and shilled for my goddaughter Rebecca’s charity Rebecca’s Gift, and did not eat cupcakes until the next morning.  
And there was only one cupcake left over:
Photos from a Flux debut
I devoured that sucker.  That cupcake was for me.
And it was sweet.

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