If You’re From Rural Oklahoma Or From The Osage Nation, I Could Use Your Help!

So! I’ve written an urban fantasy novel set in modern rural Oklahoma – and while I’ve done a lot of research (including visiting several towns), I could use a beta reader who’s lived there to ensure I don’t get anything too wrong. (Bonus points if you have extensive experience with functional opioid addicts.)

In addition, one of the characters (not the lead) is an Osage native, and again, while I’ve done a lot of research it’d be nice to ensure I haven’t put a foot wrong.

So if you’re someone who meets either of those qualifications and is willing to read through a fairly thick (but fast-paced!) novel in six weeks or so to give your impressions, do me a favor and email me with the subject “OK IS OK.”

This requires a quick turnaround time, so if you don’t have time now, appreciate you but I have a mighty need. And if you don’t meet those qualifications, I appreciate the effort, but I’d prefer you read it when it came out. If you wanna make sure you don’t miss it, you can subscribe to my long-dormant newsletter at https://theferrett.substack.com/, which will announce when my next book is out (which is hopefully reasonably soon, if I can get out from under my own feet). 

In other news: yep, working on books still, still around, just quiet. Appreciate you if you still drop by here from time to time. Or if my RSS reminds you I’m alive.