Ferrett’s Pretty Pretty Princess Nails (A Gallery)

About every six weeks, I have my nails done in the craziest way I can do them. It’s unusual for a guy to have Pretty Pretty Princess Nails, but thankfully my mad manicurist Ashley indulges me with incredible art.

Here’s a gallery of her work on my hands. Ashley currently works at Fantasy Nails in Cleveland, Ohio and is available for appointments. Call her. Get your nails did.

(If you’re curious why I paint my nails, I wrote about the many reasons I do this.)

Jupiter Probe Celebration, July 2016
Fingernails against sadness

Our Greek Cruise Nails – I’m on the top, my Mom’s nails are on the bottom – June 2016
Fingernails against sadness

Steven Universe Nails, April 2016
Fingernails against sadness

Batman vs Iron Man vs Superman vs Captain Americaman (BvS/Civil War Nails), March 2016
Batman vs Iron Man vs Superman vs Captain America.

Mad Max: Fury Road nails, February 2016

Star Wars Nails, December 2015

Flux Nails (to celebrate the release of my book The Flux, which you should contemplate buying!), October 2015

Photos from a Flux debut

Avengers nails, August 2015
Untitled“Music Mama” Nails, July 2015 Untitled

Lord of the Rings Nails (In Honor of Sir Christopher Lee), June 2015
My Lord of the Rings nails, In honor of Sir Christopher Lee.

My Lord of the Rings nails, In honor of Sir Christopher Lee.

Ms. Pac-Man Nails (April 2015)
Ms. Pac-Man nails!

Ms. Pac-Man nails!

Flex Nails (March 2015), to celebrate the debut of my novel Flex
The FLEX book tour: many photos.

Library/Book Nails (for ConFusion, January 2015)
ConFusion nails!

ConFusion nails!

Galaxy Nails (December 2014)
Christmas nails!

Christmas nails!

Penguin Nails (not me but my friend Jenn, December 2014)
Christmas nails!

Firefly Nails (in honor of my deceased goddaughter Rebecca, who died in June 2014)
Hands up and touch the sky.

Art Deco Nails (May 2014)
My new nails!

My new nails!

The Amazing Spider-Nails (April 2014)



  1. Twilytgardnfaery
    May 29, 2015

    She is so talented… If I lived in Ohio, I would totally splurge on getting my nails done by her now and again.

  2. Zander
    Apr 11, 2016

    Your nails are the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas. Totally awesome!


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