That Song That Was Good Once

I was flipping through the Rock Band song list yesterday for something I was in the mood to play, when I got to The Police.
“RAWKZ-ANNE,” Gini warbled behind me in a purposely off-key yowl.  “YOO DOAN HAVE DO PUT ON DA RED LIGHT.  RAAAAAAWKZ-ANNE – Good Lord, that song’s terrible.”
“No, no, it’s good,” I protested.  “Or was.  That’s, like, one of those songs that’s awesome the first ninety-nine times you hear it.  Then you hear it that hundredth time and it curdles like a broken cream sauce.  I remember really loving that song once.  Sure, it’s like eating a big slice of tin foil pie now, but that’s just because of repetition taking all the beauty out of it.”
Later on, I selected Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed,” which is really how I think of Gini, but she dislikes it.  “I’m so sad you don’t like this song,” I told her.  “It really is beautiful.”
“It’s another hundred-song,” she explained.  “Remember, I grew up in the 70s.  I spent a whole summer listening to that over and over again.”
So here’s my question for you all: What song was once good for you, but has now been obliterated by a zillion repetitions?  Feel free to describe the exact flavor of your hatred.  I’m curious.

Family Amusement

So I got a text from my Dad the other day: Are you ok? I get nervous when you don’t blog.
I’m amused, because my Dad has correctly divined that when I’m not blogging, it’s probably because I am very very depressed.  Or, perhaps, my whole damn blogging platform collapsed underneath me.  But it’s true; if I ain’t bloggin’, I’m probably curled up in a ball somewhere and whimpering, licking the edge of a rusty knife.
The irony is that if my Dad Twittered or used Google+, he’d see that I was alive and well.  If I can’t get LJ, I’ll methadone it.  (As witness my review of Cowboys And Aliens – which I said was “the most creative re-envisioning of Return of the Jedi, ever” – which I posted on Google+ because fuck, LJ get your shit together.  I gotta gush somewhere, man.)

Testing, 1, 2, 3, Can Anybody Hear Me

So really, I’ve needed to update my website for some time – it’s never that wise to hitch your author-star to a site that could go MySpace-up at any time.  Hence, “making a real blog” has been on my agenda for months now, rather like replacing the screen in the front door or really scrubbing the grout out of my tiles.
In any case, if I’ve configured this right – which is not guaranteed – and if LJ is sufficiently returned to form that it will allow cross-posting – then this single post should be here, Dreamwidth, and LJ all at once, hence throwing Google into recursive fits as it sees three pages with the same content.  If not, my wife will be desperately entertained by the melodious sounds of my cursing.
More posts will be forthcoming, natch – I have new stories never before seen on the Interwebs!  But let’s try this first, k?