Pre-Order My New Book, “The Dragon Kings Of Oklahoma”!

An unexpected benefit of self-publishing: I like getting to choose my own cover art.

The Dragon Kings Of Oklahoma
Releasing September 3rd, 2024
$2.99 for Kindle only

They were just two good ol’ boys putting out a fire in the Ouachita mountains. They didn’t expect to find a mother dragon sitting on her brood…

Daisy Collins was born in Oklahoma and he’s gonna die in Oklahoma. But a busted hip means that Daisy can’t hold a steady job and is in danger of losing his family home.

So when Daisy stumbles across a botched scheme to smuggle dragons out of Germany, and his best friend Wild-Eye says these dragon eggs could be the ticket to financial stability, Daisy agrees. How hard could it be to sell off baby dragons?

Very, as it turns out. Everyone wants the dragons – Dusty, the werewolf owner of the local All-Mart; Johanna, a dragon-hunter who’s tracked Germany’s lost national treasures to Oklahoma; and Sheriff Kenny, who’ll do anything to save his town’s tourist-friendly image.

But the biggest threats to his get-rich-quick plan are these adorable, deadly dragons, who Daisy slowly comes to think of as his beloved pets

If you’re still reading this blog, I assume you want a few details on how to support this, soooo….

This is my first self-published book. They say that if I can get about 100 copies sold before it comes out on September 3rd, it has a good chance of making the top 10 for many Amazon bestseller lists, which in turn makes Amazon more likely to recommend it. So if you’d like to help a writer out:

1) Buy the book (it’s $2.99, and I believe I am obliged to say that it “costs less than a cup of coffee”)

2) Mark it as “Want to Read” on GoodReads.

3) If you have friends who’d like to read a book that’s “Tiger King, but with baby dragons,” please, get the word out to ’em.

And yes, there are sequels already written and ready to go. The Fae Lords of Oklahoma is coming out in late October, and The Hippogriff Riders of Oklahoma is arriving in early December. But I’m still waiting on cover art and final proofreading edits, so I’ll give you the pre-order link when I get it.

(Though Dragon Kings has the first chapter from Fae Lords of Oklahoma as a tasty sample, so you can get a feel for the series when it comes out.)

Anyway. I’m out here, being terrified, takin’ chances, doing the thing.

How are you?