Pre-Order My New Novel THE SOL MAJESTIC And Get A Free Signed Bookplate (And Also A Secret Drink Recipe!)

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 2.412% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

The Sol Majestic!My upcoming novel The Sol Majestic is the best thing I’ve ever written – and may be the best thing I’ll ever write. If you’ve liked my other books, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one; if you haven’t liked my other books because they didn’t feel like the guy you know from this blog, then I urge you to give The Sol Majestic a try.

And if you’ve never bought a book of mine before, would you accept a minor bribe?

Because if you pre-order my book The Sol Majestic, I will not only send you a signed, custom-made book plate, not only will I enter you in a raffle for signed Advance Review Copies of the book, but I will also send you a special secret drink recipe from the fabulous minds at the Velvet Tango Room – routinely noted as one of the best bars in America!

Why a drink recipe? Because The Velvet Tango Room was a direct inspiration for the Sol Majestic. They were the first establishment I went to that revered the classic drinks so much, they expected their customers to live up to their grand attempts to revive forgotten recipes. They won’t allow gentlemen in if they wear a hat, for that is uncouth; they don’t allow white limousines; they expect you to only invite people you’d be comfortable leaving alone in your living room. And they tell you all this in a sign at the front door.

But inside that bar are people devoted to recovering and reinvigorating history’s best drinks – everything is made by hand, all the ingredients painstakingly sourced to ensure the best quality, and the swirls of history can be felt resonating in that hallowed place. It’s a small bar, not showy, just… dedicated.

And I thought, “What if there was a restaurant like that, but in space?”

So I wrote The Sol Majestic, which turned into a quirky, grandiose treatise on love, on what food means, on the economic struggles of creating Art but needing to pay the bills, on the emotional traumas of loving someone but knowing their aspirations are much bigger than their actual talent.

And an uncommon amount of food porn.

My initial pitch for The Sol Majestic was “Anthony Bourdain meets space opera,” but my editor said it was “Kitchen Confidential meets The Fifth Element by way of Wes Anderson,” and the official tagline says “a big-hearted intergalactic adventure for fans of Becky Chambers and The Good Place,” and Seanan McGuire says “It is a feast of a book, with an ingredient list and flavor profile that seems strange, until you sink your teeth into it and realize that it’s what you’ve been hungering for all along, lamb and honey, vanilla ice cream and blackcurrant jam, cinnamon and chicken and rosemary” – which all tells you this is a remarkably difficult book to categorize.

But it’s pretty much as much of Me as I could stuff into a book.

Anyway, if you pre-order The Sol Majestic, I’ll send you:

* A signed, customized bookplate
* A secret drink recipe from the Velvet Tango Room
* An even more secret recipe for those who don’t drink.
* An entry into a raffle for Advanced Review Copies when I get them, which means you might get to read lush love letter to cooking months before anyone else!  (Alas, probably not in time for Christmas.)

To get all this, simply:

* Pre-order the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Loganberry Books, or any other indie store of your choosing (hint: each of these links will bring you directly to my book at these fine establishments);
* Email with the subject header “I Have Pre-Ordered The Sol Majestic,” and give me your address. (I’ll trust you that you’ve preordered. Authors largely run on kindness.)
* Wait patiently until the book comes out, and I’ll send the merch to you just before release.

As a personal note, pre-orders for any book are absolutely critical for any author – they’re largely what determines how successful the book ultimately is. And this book is pretty critical to my career, so if y’all felt like dropping some trusted cash on me in advance, that would mean the world to me.  (It would also help if you cross-posted this anywhere you’d think would be of interest.)

This book’s my baby. I’m proud. And I want to celebrate it – with secret drinks, with signed bookplates, with all the joys I have to offer.

So think about pre-ordering?  Pretty please?  I’ll do my best to put the sugar on top.



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