Literally All Of My Published Books Are On Sale This Week!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 6.03% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

What you are witnessing is the equivalent of a solar eclipse; thanks to a weird conflux of events, all five of my published books are on sale! Which means that the most you need to pay for any of my works is $3.52 in American dollars.

I mean, it’s not like you’re going out, and a book is cheap entertainment – ah, but what kind of entertainment can my books provide? Lemme shoot you some links:

The ‘Mancer Series
FlexThe FluxFix

The ‘Mancer series is a kinder Breaking Bad with magic drugs, wherein a father sets out to sell a distilled thaumaturgy to help save his badly-burned daughter.

But that magic system, though…

See, in the ‘mancer-verse, anything you obsess about sufficiently can wear a hole through the laws of physics. You’re a crazy cat lady? Eventually your devotion will lead you to unlock the powers of felimancy! But you won’t want to conquer the world – no, all you’ll care about will be your collection of kitties.

As such, Paul Tsabo isn’t just any magician – he’s a bureaucromancer, able to unlock the powers of paperwork. And when he runs into chaotic Valentine DiGriz, mayhem master of videogamemancy, to learn how to brew the mystical drug called “Flex,” things get out of hand quickly.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you haven’t read the series for a while, or just never finished the trilogy, you might want to brush up – there’s gonna be a very special birthday celebration for a special little girl soon, and you’ll want to be caught up on events.

The Sol Majestic
Kenna, the forlorn Prince of a forgotten religion, is starving – starving for food, starving for hope, starving of knowledge. Yet when his paths cross with the most magical restaurant in all the stars, the owner takes pity on him and takes him on a Willy Wonka-style adventure through the delights of the pleasures of the flesh.

This one is a weird little book, and hard to market – think Kitchen Confidential in space, or perhaps Iron Chef meets Space Opera. But it’s been on sale all this month, and shockingly, the GoodReads reviews for this little book have ticked up, which never happens – basically, this book has been the buried treasure of my career, where people read it, then pass it around with whispered exhortations to their friends.

You might wanna get in on this magic, because when the world is full of despair and economic collapse, The Sol Majestic is about pure hope in the face of ruin. Plus, a major plot point revolves around a lack of toilet paper, so it’s timely!

The Uploaded
Everyone talks about the Singularity, where everyone uploads their brains into computers and lives forever in a digital afterlife.

But what happens after that?

The Uploaded is about what happens centuries after that cultural shock has hit and transformed the landscape, and physical living has become outmoded. And one boy, Amichai, leads a bold quest to get his sister killed so she can be freed from her fleshly torment…

Automatic Reload
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SPOILER WARNING: This one’s not on sale because it’s not published yet, but it is coming out in May and needs your preorder loving! In this dire publishing industry, afflicted by the coronavirus, every preorder really helps literally keep both publishers, authors, and bookstores alive – and me in particular for this one.

So can I sell you on the story of a cyberpunk James Bond, a super-programmer who’s fine-tuned his prosthetic armaments to perfection? Except he’s breaking down from PTSD because he’s determined his automated guns will never shoot an innocent. And he’s terrified of connection, because he doesn’t trust anyone.

But then he gets involved with a black-ops mission where the goal is to kidnap a genetically-engineered assassin and bring her to the facility where she’ll be brainwashed for good. He refuses, taking her on the run – and kickstarting a very strange and beautiful firefight romance…

If you can spare the bucks to preorder this, this would not only be a goodness, but it’s the only way to get an invite to Aliyah’s sixteenth birthday party.

What? Did I say too much?

Probably. Shutting down.

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  1. Raven Black
    Mar 25, 2020

    I clicked a few of the books, none of them appeared to be $3.52 or less. 3.99 UK money showed up on several of them, which is $4.67 right now.

    Maybe you did the money translation in the wrong direction?

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