My Book “Flex” Is On Super-Sale For $1.99 This Weekend! Spread The Word!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 10.854% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

My publishers never stop finding ways to get my books into new hands – and this time, it’s extra-special.  They’ve arranged a deal with BookBub, possibly the biggest discounted book sale engine, so that Flex is $1.99 for this weekend.  (It’s 99 pence in England, which is totally like Hogwarts money to my sad American ass, but I’m told it’s cheap.)

Anyway!  If you’re looking to read about crazy sexy videogamemancers, live-action Frogger recreations, and a man who  believes so deeply that paperwork is the best way to prevent corrupt men from doing justice that he’s created bureaucratic magic, then go ye forth and consume!

And more importantly: If you’ve been bugging your friends that they should read Flex (and thank you thank you thank you if you have), might wanna let them know that their entry fee to hop on this ride will never be cheaper.*   Here’s your links of choice.

And if you’ve been thinking about purchasing the sequels to this fine book, The Flux and Fix, well, perhaps this enthusiastic reminder will be enough to encourage you to pursue the adventures of Paul and his daughter as they meet up with Tyler Durdenmancers, the hideous brainwashings of the Unimancers, the wrecked sky of Europe, and of course eat a lot of donuts.

Too many donuts aren’t good for you.  Uncle Kit would tell you that.  But too many books satisfy the soul.

* – Paul Tsabo, bureaucromancer, urges me to inform you this promise is not legally binding.  But seriously, I don’t think you’ll see better before 2018, if then, if ever.  Get in there now!

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