Raise $500 For Rebecca's Gift And I'll Wear This Rocky Suit To My Book Signing!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 10.854% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

If you’d like to know what it’s like being married to me, I can show you in three photos:
And that last photo went mildly viral, with Angry Robot putting it on their web page to discuss the amazing trivia contest Barnes and Noble held to promote my new book Fix.  Even my biggest nemesis, Annie Bellet, asked to see more of me in the Rocky Pajamas, but that’s probably because she wants to see me sillier.
So I figured: Why not raise funds for my favorite charity, Rebecca’s Gift?
Here’s how it works: I’m signing at Powell’s in Portland(ish) tomorrow, and on Thursday I end my book tour at University Book Store in Seattle.  If Rebecca’s Gift gets $500 in donations before I attend either of those events, I will wear the Rocky suit – in public – and let you take as many pictures of me in it as you want.
Rebecca’s Gift, if you’ll recall, is the charity set up in the name of my goddaughter Rebecca – who was the inspiration for Aliyah (the lead character in the Flex/The Flux/Fix series) and who died of brain cancer on her sixth birthday.  Rebecca’s gift is a small charity that helps families that have endured the death of their child to help healing – and let me tell you, there’s plenty of support while your child still has a chance, but after the funeral there is a great emptiness and not much help.  Donating to Rebecca’s Gift will help families remember what it’s like to be a family after someone they loved so dearly has gone.
So donating to them will help strangers and humiliate me, both of which I fully support.
If you can raise $500 in funds by 5:00 PST tomorrow, September 27th, I will wear the Rocky suit to my signing in the Powells in Beaverton, Oregon.
If you can raise $500 in funds by 5:00 PST on Thursday, September 29th, I will wear the Rocky suit to my signing at University Book Store in Seattle.
And if you can’t raise $500, you’ll have still donated to a fully-legal charity (I’m not gonna Trump you here) that will help families in dire need, so it’s totally a good thing.
So here’s the link for donation.  Please.
Let’s go raise funds for Rebecca.

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