Beta Readers Needed For My "Time-Travelling Soup Battles" Novel!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 10.854% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

So as you may remember, starting Friday, I’ll be live-writing my next novel to raise funds for the Clarion Writers’ Workshop.
But here’s a Professional Writers’ Secret: You gotta juggle multiple projects.  So while I’m writing my next novel, I’ll be giving beta readers time to digest my last novel, Savor Station, so when I finish my Write-A-Thon I can launch myself directly into revisions.  And I’m looking for about seven to ten people to beta-read for me and give me feedback.
(Why seven to ten?  Because I’d like four to five people, and generally I find that you hit about 60% on getting beta readers to get back to you in time.)
Now, y’all should know that saying “I’m really good at proofreading” pretty much excludes you from a lot of writers’ beta circles, including mine.  I’m going to mangle all the prose anyway before I’m done, and assuming I sell it to a publisher when it’s done, we’ll have professional copyeditors and proofreaders sniffing this sucker like a hound dog.  Flagging misspelled words and minor grammatical errors is, actually, a hindrance.
No, what I want are the sorts of people who can tell me four separate things cogently:
•         The things that confuse you (“Why would $character do that?” or “Why did this technology not work this way?”)
•         The things that throw you out of the story (“Character wouldn’t do THAT!” or “Factually, that’s so wrong!”)
•         The things that give you ass-creep (“I got bored here”)
•         All the things that make you pump the fist (“This moment was truly awesome, and unless I tell you how awesome it is, you might cut this part out in edits”)
So if you think you can do all that in five weeks (or, preferably, way less), do me a favor and email me at with the header “FERRETT, I WOULD LIKE TO BETA-READ YOUR SOUP.”  This comes with the great reward of being name-checked in the acknowledgements, if this eventually sells, and the arguable reward of knowingly going “Oh, God, I read it, that was crap” if it doesn’t sell.  I may get filled up on people, but if I do, I’ll put you on the list for the next revision, if there is one.  (I think this one’s close.)

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