Two People You Might Consider Giving Money To

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 12.06% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

Got two folks with entirely different causes you might ponder tossing shekels towards:
For Charity!
Chelsea is blind, and the cane just isn’t cutting it for her.  She needs a guide dog.  You apparently need to take a class to have a guide dog – which makes sense, you don’t want to hurt or put the dog out of training – and those classes, sadly, are not cheap.
She’s trying to raise $1200 to get her guide dog class covered.  She’s $400 of the way there.  Kicking in a few bucks certainly could not hurt your karma.
For Sci-Fi Fans!
If you remember my appearance on The Functional Nerds podcast, you’ll know that it’s a super-fun time for all concerned.  They interview authors with good questions, they riff, and they don’t ramble on forever (which is my #1 killer in a podcast).
Now they have a Patreon to help cover their costs and keep them running. They’re good to run.  Tune in, try ’em, and if you like it, donate.
For Gosh’ Sake!
For the record, if you’d like me to shill for your Kickstarter/GoFundMe/Patreon/whatever, I am literally the worst person in the world to ask, for I am disorganized.  (Chelsea had a kick-ass cause, and she had to bug me four times.)  I’ll occasionally do it, but I am forgetful and scattershot and never plan my blog, so it’s fine to ask but just realize I’m not the best at this.  (And if I don’t know you from the Internets, it’s a very long shot, as I usually only recommend people I know well enough to vouch for.)
Still, you’ve got two good causes above, so if you’re healthy and in good economic condition, donate.

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