Where I'll Be This Year (Or, Come Meet A Weasel!)

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 12.06% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

You know what I love? Making new friends at conventions. This is why I go to them.
So if you wanna meet me, generally, go to a convention I’m at. I’ll hug you. I’ll buy you a drink. I’ll talk too much about Rock Band 4.  And I’ll sign my book, oh God, I will be so happy if you want me to sign my book.
Anyway, here’s the cons I’ll be at in 2015.  These are all awesome cons, and I would highly recommend going to them if you are interested in what these cons do.
WorldCon, in Spokane, Washington!  (August 20th-23rd)
This is the biggest sci-fi convention in the world, and it is hellaciously fun. I’ll be mostly barconning it with Gini, but I’m told Angry Robot will have a booth, and as such I’ll be sitting at their table, signing.  And when I’m not, I’ll occasionally be Twittering my location and inviting y’all to join me.
SINergy, in Lansing, Michigan! (August 28th-30th)
This is a kink con where I’ll be presenting on fireplay.  I’ve never done this particular convention before, but two of my favorite online kink writers are there – Graydancer and Alice Skary – so I anticipate it’ll be a good time.
COPE, in Columbus, Ohio! (September 11-13th)
Yet another kink con I’ll be attending.  I won’t be doing any presenting here, just hanging out with my sweetie and yakking a lot.
The Geeky Kink Event in Piscataway, New Jersey! (November 6th-8th)
Huh. A third kink con. This gives the impression that the only events I attend are kinky ones, whereas the truth is that all my lit-cons (ConFusion, Penguicon) fall at the beginning of the year, whereas the kinky stuff is at the end.
If you’ve never been to a kink con before, this is the one I’d advise you to start at – because the focus is not on the kink, but the geeky stuff.  There’s a lot of sexy things happening here, but realistically this is one of the more wholesome cons because it’s a celebration of Doctor Who, and My Little Pony, and cosplay, and friendship.
With some kink thrown in.  In a strong consent culture.  It’s hella-fun, but tickets go fast, so you need to reserve now.
And Maybe Chicago And Denver.
In addition, I may be doing some extra signings for when the sequel to my book Flex (called The Flux, which features Ferguson-style showdowns and the most unlikely ‘mancer you’ve ever seen) hits in October, depending on whether I can arrange the time off and the appropriate bookstore to host me.
(Remember, I get paid no money to go do a book signing. In most cases, I lose money. So I’m thrilled that you want me to sign at your town, and I’d love to, but I have limited vacation time and travel expenditures to run at. Want me to come to your town? Convince a local convention to invite me and pay my way, because holy God, you do not wanna know how much I’ve spent on gas and plane fares this year.)

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