"How Do You Characterize A City Properly?" Me On Podcasts, and Video!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 12.06% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

So if you have yet to somehow notice by now, I have this fiction novel called Flex out. It’s on shelves now. But people keep asking me questions about it! So I answer them in cool ways.
I was on one of my favorite podcasts, the Functional Nerds, where I spent entirely too much time rhapsodizing about old-school videogames. But if you’ve wondered at how delicately I had to get the inspiration for Aliyah – a question some folks have been too kind to ask – I touch on that here as well.
And then I was on Angry Robot Live!, discussing urban fantasy in a Google Hangout with Alyc Helms and Tim Waggoner and Michael Underwood, all of whom had many interesting things to say.  You can watch the video here for an hour of me in my literal green-room, answering some really interesting questions on “How do you characterize a city properly?”:

And before you ask: Yes. I always put the hat on before every podcast, even if I shan’t be seen. For me, the hat is part of my Convention Ferrett outfit, the way I know I’m in “go mode,” so it helps with my inevitable anxiety of ZOMG I’LL SAY SOMETHING STUPID AND THE ENTIRE INTERNET WILL HATE ME.
As of yet, the entire Internet has yet to hate me. Only certain parts. Which means I’m doing my job, man.
Anyway, there’s two places you can hear me, if you’d like. I trust after this barrage of me-ness on podcasts, none of you will ever be surprised by the reediness of my real-life voice ever again.  OR SO I HOPE.
Oh, and Katy Lees is in Week Four of her Flex read-through, where she is up to chapter twenty and, in her words, “Shit gets real.” Katy has been live-Tweeting her reactions to the book, which has been fascinating for me to watch someone responding to words I wrote in real time, and I am more than a little sad that she finished the book yesterday.  I’ll be curious to see her sum-up of the book, but it’s been really fun seeing this social experiment, and I hope y’all are reading it.

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