The Most Exciting Flex Preview I Have To Offer: A PodCastle Audio Production!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 12.06% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

So of the many events I created to preview my novel Flex for you, what I am finally happy to announce to you today is the most exciting thing.  Literally every morning I have woken up and gone, “Is it up yet?  Is it up yet?”
And it’s up now!  And yes, this is even more exciting than the book tour.
This is a special audio production of Flex, done by the greatest audio short story podcast in the whole wide world.
And you can win a copy of Flex, if you somehow haven’t purchased it by now!
If you’re not familiar with the ‘pod network – that’s PodCastle for fantasy tales, Escape Pod for science fiction, and PseudoPod for horror – they are a loosely-run cabal of sites that find the most brilliant tales and have even more brilliant people read them out loud.  I have been honored to have over ten of my stories appear on their site, which is no mean feat – try “‘Run,’ Bakri Says” on Escape Pod, “A Window, Clear as a Mirror” for PodCastle, or “Riding Atlas” for PseudoPod – and so when I asked them to work up a super-special promotion for Flex, well…
Dave and Anna delivered.
There is, as of now, no news of a Flex audiobook, sadly.  But you can hear Dave read a chapter of it (along with discussion of said book) over on PodCastle right now, and Dave does some excellent goddamned emoting.  (If you’re curious, this is also the chapter I’m reading on my book tour, specially edited for audio productions.)
I have always been a fan of old-time radio.  To hear my words in someone else’s mouth has always been a special kind of magic.  And now it’s here, so please!  Go hear them do it!  It’s the fun chapter where they brew magical drugs in a seedy basement, and things go horribly wrong!

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