You're Gonna Fall On Your Sword To Call Your Friend An F-Word?

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 13.266% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

Here’s the deal:
I work for a company that sells Magic cards online.  I also Tweet and blog privately.
In my private spaces, I write a lot about polyamory and sexual positivity and politics.  I recognize this comes with a danger.  At any moment, my company could decide that hey, Ferrett said something really offensive, and it’s generating a lot of heat, and we don’t want to be associated with him any more.  That happens.  It happens on both sides, liberal and conservative.
But I do not stop writing about such topics because I consider that to be a political issue.  Every time I put hands to keyboard, I take a minor risk that I might anger the wrong segment and call some mini-boycott down around my head, and then I would lose a valuable source of income.  Yet I feel that being out as as someone of alternative sexuality is important enough to take that risk.
Yet someone got shitcanned today for calling people “faggots” on Twitter, and I’m like: Really?  Is that what you want to fall on your sword over?
Look, it’s well-known that calling people “faggots” is preeeeeeettttty fucking offensive to large swathes of the Internet.  You must have known that it could cost you connections, jobs, writing gigs.
And yet you continued.
Why?  I mean, is it that important to you to be able to be able to insult your friends using the precise terms you’ve chosen?  I get making a principled stand, but is your need to utilize a gay-negative term so powerful that you’re willing to risk alienating potential income sources?  What pressures are you under that you’re all like, “I am going to prove to the world that ‘faggot’ doesn’t mean what you think it does, and to do so I’ll wager my livelihood on this topic!”  (Or, alternatively, “It is extremely important to me that I am allowed to portray my straight friends as homosexual for humorous purposes!”)
Look, dude, there’s plenty of battles to fight.  Even if you’re all anti-Social Justice Warrior, I somehow doubt your family would be proud if, engraved on your tombstone, were the words “JOHN DOUCHE: SAVED ‘FAGGOT’ FOR THE MASSES.”  And certainly yes, I get that RAR IT’S FREEDOM OF SPEECH, but the truth is we don’t get full free speech anywhere without taking our lumps – even us leftiest of SJWs would get in deep trouble if we said “Hey, someone should gas every last one of you Gamergaters” – so given that some opinions are less popular than others, might I suggest you tuck this term in your back pocket and find some other hilarious way of taunting your buddies?
Or maybe you really do think that it’s tres importante to be able to call your buddies “cocksuckers.”  Okay.  Fine.  But don’t get outraged when someone complaints to the right people.  You knew the risks.  You took your shot.  And what happened to you is pretty much what anyone could have predicted.

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