Heart Update

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 13.266% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

So as some y’all may recall, I was spatchcocked about two years ago in emergency triple-bypass surgery to prevent me from dying.  And as a heart patient, I now have to go in every six months for blood tests and checkings and all.
I will admit that I have not been eating particularly well; in Rebecca’s (literal) wake, I have gained about ten pounds.  Though my “bad” eating habits post-attack are still way better than my “good” eating habits pre-attack, as I eat fewer fatty foods and less sugar.  My blood levels look okay – not as good as we’d like for a heart patient, which should be super-good, but still below what normal people have.
Still, I’ve been having some problems drifting off to sleep at night because my heart is going BOOM BOOM BOOM in my chest (and not in that cool “Solsbury Hill” way), and so I asked the doctor.  He thinks it may be some post-surgery arrhythmia, which can be corrected with medication, but he’d like to get more data.
So I’ll be wearing a chest harness for three weeks.
I’m told they’ve made great strides in chest harnesses since I wore one three years ago – more of a FitBit than the huge thing I wore that I couldn’t quite bathe in – but it still means I’m back to shaving my chest so my Robin Williams thatch of chest hair doesn’t cause me agony, and trying to sleep with a stupid thing on again.  Which was not fun.
Also, I’m getting genetically tested to see why statins drain all my energy.  More fun.  Lots of blood.
But this is all in the service of ensuring I live a little longer, so I suppose it’s all good.  Though I have a convention to attend this weekend.  I don’t think I’m gonna wear it to that.

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