Come Hear Me Talk On Polyamory This Saturday!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 13.266% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

If you’ve ever said, “Boy, I enjoy Ferrett’s essays, and now I would like to hear his disappointingly high-pitched voice,” now is your opportunity! For I will be speaking at Ohio SMART this very Saturday at 8:00, and should you be in Cleveland then you might be lucky enough to hear me speak about….
Handling Jealousy And Conflict In Polyamorous Relationships
You’ve got infinite love, but not infinite time – and your partner may not be infinitely secure in that infinite love. So how can you communicate sanely to smooth out the inevitable bumps as you add (and remove) partners? Ferrett and his wife, polyamorous for over seven years, discuss the best ways to handle communication – and talk about what jealousy really signifies.
WARNING: My wife, depending on her mood after the Shiva for Rebecca ends, may or may not be there. I, however, certainly will.
You can get all the deets at the FetLife events page for this – which, if you’re curious about Ohio SMART‘s events, I encourage you to do so, as there’s a handy little orientation class for newcomers. And SMART is pretty great.
(If you find yourself asking “How do I get a Ferrett to talk at my group?”, the answer is simple: find a free spot on my schedule, then reimburse me for the travel to get there and back. I like talking to people, I like travelling, but I don’t like spending hundreds of bucks of my own cash to speak at public events. If y’all feel like contacting me to say “Hey, can you make it out?” then I probably won’t say no as long as there’s reimbursed gas and a hotel stay somewhere.)
(Also, I will almost certainly be doing fireplay at this event. Just in case you’re curious about that.)

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