Come Hear Me Give A Talk On Polyamory!

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 13.266% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

On June 21st in Cleveland, I’ll be giving a talk on polyamory at Ohio SMART. (That link goes to their FetLife page, which they keep updated – if you don’t want to log in, their less-frequently updated website is here.)  Here’s the pitch:
Handling Jealousy And Conflict In Polyamorous Relationships
You’ve got infinite love, but not infinite time – and your partner may not be infinitely secure in that infinite love. So how can you communicate sanely to smooth out the inevitable bumps as you add (and remove) partners? Ferrett and his wife, polyamorous for over seven years, discuss the best ways to handle communication – and talk about what jealousy really signifies.
I’m excited about this, because Ohio SMART is really a tight group of incredibly wise people, and their playspaces and dynamics are fantastic, and if you haven’t been to a SMART event then please, let me provide you with a handy excuse to go. If you’ve never been, they have a newcomer’s orientation for guests, and trust me – they’re totally friendly.
So if you’re interested in hearing me talk in person, check out the event and get the deets.
The inevitable followup question is, “How do I get you to talk at my group?” and the answer is simple: find a free spot on my schedule, then reimburse me for the travel to get there and back. I like talking to people, I like travelling, and if y’all feel like contacting me to say “Hey, can you make it out?” then I probably won’t say no as long as the trip isn’t a net negative on my bank account.
Or you can say hello by coming to Ohio SMART, doing the guest thingie, and saying hello. I won’t bite.

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