Do You Want To Meet A Ferrett? We'll Ride Our Bikes Around The Halls

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 13.266% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

So if you’re in Michigan, I doubt I have to tell you about one of the best conventions in town: that would be ConFusion, which has become the literary convention of the Midwest winter thanks to stunningly good programming and a thriving barcon.  (I.e., “Get your drinks and chat ’em up, folks.”)
ConFusion takes place not this weekend, but next weekend, and if you’re wily and careful, you may spot a Ferrett in the wild.  (I’m the chap in the hat with the colored fingernails.)  Or, if you’re more of the planning sort, you can see me on these panels:
Everything I needed to know about writing I learned by reading slush
Ferrett Steinmetz, Sarah Gibbons, Elizabeth Shack, Nancy Fulda, Patrick Tomlinson, C. C. Finlay
1pm Saturday – Erie

This oughtta be a good panel, as the writers are smart and oh my God I learned so much from slushing for Apex that I sort of miss the whole writy-thing.
Choose Your Own Augury
Ferrett Steinmetz, Cindy Spencer Pape, Wesley Chu, Peter Brett, Peter Orullian
6pm Saturday – Southfield

Expect gratuitous mentions of my story Black Swan Oracle (the best thing I published in 2013), in the book that was all about auguries, What Fates Impose.
Does my world need an economy?
Rae Carson, Cherie Priest, Ron Collins, Brian McClellan, Ferrett Steinmetz
7pm Saturday – Southfield

The short answer is “yeah, almost certainly,” but I expect we’ll get a little more into details than that.
Reading with Lucy A. Snyder and Ferrett Steinmetz
12pm Sunday – Erie
This will be a reading of the darkest story I’ve ever written, “The Cultist’s Son.”  It’s the tale where the death of an infant is literally the third worst thing in it.  And yet it’s a strangely cheerful thing.  Drop on by, if not for me, then for the award-winning Lucy, who will be reading her tale “Antumbra.”

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