So It's The End Of The Year. I Should Make Resolutions, Right?

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 14.472% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

Last year, I made several New Year’s Resolutions, and then two weeks later had a triple-bypass.  I assure you, a triple-bypass will knock all other priorities out of your head.  So let us discuss the 2014 resolutions:
Goal #1: Nominate Stories For The Nebula Awards.
When award seasons come around, I never nominate anything.  This makes me feel bad.
Yet I never feel well-read enough to nominate.  I read what my friends have written, of course, but that feels uncomfortably log-rolly; I’m never sure whether they’re worthy of being nominated because my friends are damn talented (which they are!) or because they’re my friends.  And yet I have the ability to have a say in which tales get one of the highest honors in science fiction, and I’m just leaving it on the ground?
That feels ridiculous.  And so we create a subsidiary goal:
Goal #2: Read And Review At Least Three Stories A Week. 
I started the “Story A Day” review, which was actually fantastically useful – it put me in touch with great writers and interesting techniques.  And then I let it drop.
I think a story a day is a bit much, but a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule works a bit better.  And so I hope to do that, and if I do enough of that, then that’s twelve tales a month.  Not as good as, say, Rachel Swirsky, who I think of as pretty much the omnipotent goddess of short fiction (she seemingly reads everything), but enough to get me a sample of the field.
Goal #3: Get Back To My Hamsters. 
The schedules have been brutal, but I do miss critiquing with Cleveland’s supergroup of sci-fi, the Cajun Sushi Hamsters.  I need to get back to digging into short stories, and reconnecting with the local writer-buddies.  They’re smart.  I am lessened without their company.
Goal #4: Get Up A Bank Of Podcasts. 
I’ve recorded one podcast already, but have two more bubbling in my head – I just need to find the time to record them, which is surprisingly time-consuming.  I’d like to have at least twenty podcasts done by this time next year.  (And, presumably, released into the wild, but that’s a little embarrassing.)
Goal #5: Write Letters To The Troops.
I’ll just cut and copy last year’s resolution here, except that I’ll plan to do it later in the year.  I need to schedule when; that’s part of the goal.
Goal #6: Get Back To Eating Fruit and Fish.
I’ve eaten like crap over the holidays, and I need to ensure heart attack #2 isn’t in the pipeline.  Time to get back to five-times-a-week fruit blasts in the form of smoothies, and eating salmon/tuna at least three times a week.
Goal #7: Get Kinkier Social. 
The flip side to the Cajun Sushi Hamsters is the local SMART parties, where the kinksters of Cleveland reside.  Gini and I have turned a little hermitish in the wake of the Big Event, and haven’t been to a dungeon event in months.
Which is not to say the dungeons are all crazy sex-stuff – actually, a significant part of it is spent on the couches in the lobby, catching up with the lovely folks in the community.  In many cases, that’s actually the best part.  And I’ve fallen away from many of those folks, so I hope to attend at least one SMART party a month and get hugs from some of the nicest people in Cleveland.

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