If You're Arguing For The Affordable Care Act, Please Don't Do This

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 14.472% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

Okay, so Obama lied when he said that nobody would have to change their insurance plans.  Fair enough.  I’m not thrilled, but then again I never took that seriously; I figured as with any big government shift, there would be winners and losers, and not everyone could be a winner.  So Obama shouldn’t have said that.
And a lot of the insurance plans people are bitching about losing are just completely useless.  I mean, to the point of “You’re throwing away $100 a month on this plan, because so much as a single claim would have shown you this wasn’t worth having.”  These are the plans so terrible that the government basically had to outlaw them, as they preyed on the ill-informed.
But still.
If you’re arguing that someone’s old insurance is terrible but this new insurance is only $50 more a month, do not make that sound like it’s a snap-keep decision.  Yes, it’s probably the better call.  Yes, if they get into serious medical trouble – if – this will ensure their care.
But when you’re poor, paying an extra $50 a month for something that doesn’t do jack shit now is a pretty big fucking deal.
When you’re poor, pretty much any extra expense can blow you off-course.  A blown tire, an emergency tow, a sick kid, all that stuff can mean the difference between the rent and being out on the street.  And so telling someone who’s already not doing particularly well, “Hey!  You need to shell out $50 that does absolutely nothing unless you’re having a major medical problem!” makes you sound like the kind of clueless liberal who everyone hates.
No.  It may be that their insurance plan was ripping them off before, and now they get a better one.  That $50 may save their life.  But it may definitely mean their kids are eating ramen noodles for the foreseeable future, and if they get that blown tire they have less room to maneuver.
Don’t diminish that pain.  Don’t ignore it.  Take it straight on the chin, and regret its existence.  That is all.

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