Perhaps The Most Wonderful Reading Of My Story Yet: "Riding Atlas"

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 14.472% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

A while back, I pointed you at my consanguination-as-drug-trip story “Riding Atlas,” which starts like this:

They were naked, now, on a dirty mattress.
“Neither of you have eaten or drunk anything for twenty-four hours?” Ryan asked, hauling equipment into the room: sloshing plastic buckets, packs of hypodermic needles, coils of tubing, straps. “And no drugs in your system? This is a pure trip. Just two bloods commingling. Any impurities will stop Atlas from getting inside you.”
Stewart didn’t answer. He was too distracted by all the naked couples. The attic floor was covered with bodies, lying belly to swollen belly on bedbug-blackened box springs. Their arms were thrust out above their heads, ears resting on their biceps; they clasped hands like lovers, each couple’s circulatory systems knitted into a single bloodstream.
Stewart felt his arms itch where the needles would be inserted, anticipation and fear churning into a sour mix in his gut. But Tina was ready, as she always was for things like this. She’d dragged him here, telling him they had to do this now, before they outlawed consanguination just like they’d outlawed LSD.
She stared up at Ryan with adoration as he strung the wiring above them with efficient motions. Her breath came in excited hitches.
Though his girlfriend was dry-humping Ryan with her eyes, Stewart took satisfaction in the way Ryan refused to look back. Ryan had wanted to take her to Atlas, but Tina had insisted her boyfriend should be her first time. And Stewart had gone along with it — because if he didn’t, Ryan would.
Once you’d exchanged the most vital bodily fluid, Stewart thought, sex was almost an afterthought. That must be why the consanguinated fucked so much. But Tina kept insisting this wasn’t about sex…

And I was glad when horror podcast Pseudopod picked it up for the dramatic reading, because a) I love all audio productions of my stories, and b) this is a particularly squicky story and I wanted to hear how it would feel when read by a pro.
Imagine how thrilled I was to hear that my friend Christopher Reynaga had been tapped to read the tale!   And let me tell you: he read my story like I want to read it.  His performance is stellar, and I want you to all to thunder forth and hear his narration.  So.  If you have forty minutes to have me poor some mingled blood in your ear, and feel like hearing what happens about two lovers who decide to join a circulatory system, well…. go to, my friends.



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