Six Paragraphs To Explain Why Gun Control Never Passes.

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 14.472% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

“Name me the Senator or Representative who ever lost his or her seat because they voted against Gun Control.” – Mark Evanier
The reason gun control bills keep failing in the NRA – I mean, the Senate – despite widespread popular support is the same reason that effective environmental regulations rarely pass: the so-called support is pretty weak, but the opposition is vicious.
Which is to say that no Senator ever lost his job for voting down some green-friendly bill.  People like the environment, sure, if you ask them…. but are they willing to fall on their swords over it?  Will they hound Senator Traitor for months, make this weak-kneed failure on Mother Nature the centerpiece of the next campaign, elect someone who will protect the wetlands?  No.  That’s called “weak support,” in that the polls show a strong “Yes!” but the reality is a shrug.
Whereas if you vote against gun control, the NRA will magnify an already-vindictive opposition.  They do remember.  They will not forget come the next election.  And you will be out on your ass if they can help it.
If this upsets you, well, you’d better take the same approach for gun control that the opposition takes against it.  Remember who voted against the bill this day.  Write them letters.  Tell them you’re gonna vote them the fuck out of office.  Better still, write your local representative the next time you hear about any sort of gun control bill floated, and tell them in advance that they’d damn well better support it, or you will not support them.  Be proactive, not lamentably behind.
In case you need the help in remembering: Here’s the list of Senators who voted against it.  If you’re as upset as you claim, and not just shrugging, then write to them today.

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