Running Dry When I So Want Water

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 14.472% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

You may have noted the blog is being updated more sporadically.  Usually, my day has a predetermined slot for “write a blog entry,” a small happiness that takes about twenty minutes, but these days?
I’m dry.  I have no good ideas for blogging.
Part of that is the recuperation from surgery, sadly.  Two months on and one bad night’s sleep can completely destroy my concentration, which is also playing havoc with my regular writing and my job.  But it’s also that the ideas, which used to flow freely, don’t seem to stop by as much.
Which is sad.  I’m oddly lonely these days; writing is kind of like my personal forum topic, where I say “Go” and get interesting responses from very smart people.  I blog, primarily, because I am a comment addict and I’m curious to see what reactions I’ll get.  But you can’t get none without giving none, and so my inbox lies strangely fallow while I stare at a blank WordPress screen.
It’s a shame.  I’m hoping that mojo comes back.  But hey, yesterday there was a new Pope, Veronica Mars kickstarted a new trend in Hollywood, and Google killed Google Reader to try to jump-start some additional interest in Google+… and I’ve got no interesting takes on any of that.  I feel a little withered inside, honestly.
Please, mojo, come back.  Or I may have to start an advice column, like Bart Calendar did, which I suspect like Bart Calendar’s attempt will only last about two weeks.  In the meantime, I’ll check my inbox and realize that it’s time I start writing some very delayed thank-you notes.

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  1. Carmel J., zillah3, Missus J. (Can't remember which name you know)
    Mar 14, 2013

    This reminds me of how I felt after each baby was born. After everything else heals, the mind must still heal and adapt to its new circumstances before everything seems to work right again. It’s probably hard enough to do your daily writing, much less come up with even more writing with even less time to edit before the general public sees it. Give yourself more time to adjust, you’re probably adapting to a lot of small things that you can’t see or feel but are still there. American Culture wants us to bounce right back into what we have always done as if nothing ever happened, but that’s not how people actually work. It’s ok.
    Now, for a fun nugget for you: a friend of a friend is from Russia, has lived here several years now, and her mother is visiting from home. Both Friend and Friend of Friend want to show her Things Americans Do, which mostly involves shopping for various reasons. But Friend is a gaming friend of mine, so she also wants to play games, because Americans totally play games, right? (Feel free to laugh at the absurdity if it doesn’t hurt too much.) So my challenge is this: how many tabletop/board games can I find that can be played with someone who knows maybe three words of English? Even though her daughter is there to translate, that would get old/long quickly. (I came up with a few, not including Apples to Apples Junior which everyone hopes will help her learn a few more words- though I doubt they’ll be useful if she’s ever stuck by herself.) If you want to ponder the challenge, by all means, do so, if you just want to enjoy the absurdity, then enjoy. 🙂

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