Behind On Comments, Ahead On Life (Theoretically)

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 14.472% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

A couple of random notes:
1) I’m very behind on replying to comments these days.  That’s bad.  But it’s how I segment.
See, I do things in weird batches – I reply to emails in batches, reply to Twitter in batches, write blog entries in batches, and then respond to comments in batches.  And I’ve been trying to keep up writing on the blog, as it’s useful for me to think about as I recover… but then I get to the evening, when I usually reply to everyone, and I’m just worn out.
So there’s tons of good comments I just haven’t responded to.  I’m still reading them, and I don’t want y’all to feel ignored.  I’m just a little more low on energy than I’d like.
2) I got many lovely things that cheered me up while I was recovering, and I intend to make a rather large thank-you post on that.  But I haven’t had the energy for that either.  That will happen, though, as you all are so goddamned generous.
Fun fact: some days I get through this by pretending to be the guy you think I am instead of the frail, whiny human being who is actually here.  It helps.
3)  Saw the cardiologist yesterday, and many good things have arisen: With padding, I can now ride in the front seat!  (Before, my sternum was so fragile that the impact of an airbag would have crushed my chest, so I rode in the back like a toddler.  Though it will take six months before it’s fully healed, sad to say.)  I can get on the treadmill, with supervision!  And, he thinks, I may be even able to drum!
Now I have to choose the first track I drum to.  This will be tricky, because it has to be a relatively simple, not-too-fast tune that a) I enjoy, and b) is anthemic, and c) not cliched.  Some tunes are fun – “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” seemed like a good choice, but it’s up-tempo and involves a lot of quick motion with my hands, which I may not be up to.  So I’m flipping through my iPod selection and trying to narrow it down.  It’s an interesting choice.  But beginnings must be special, you know?

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