Just Putting This On The Record: Yes, We Could Still Fail

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 15.678% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

It’s easy to see what I thought back in 2004, when the only public face I had was LJ.  You can see all my posts running up to the election (and the scathing condemnation I eventually uncorked after Kerry lost), and as such I’m pretty on the record of what I thought, going in.  Before I posted yesterday’s plea to Republicans, I went back and looked over my October posts to ensure that yes, I was pretty positive Kerry was on the losing side.
Today, however, I’m scattered all over – I make maybe one blog post a day on average, and most of my updates are on Twitter, which is like throwing confetti into the wind.  There’s no history to it.  And so, just to immortalize myself here, let me say this:
We could still fail big-time.
Look, it’s not that I thought Obama was my superhero savior, ready to erase our debt and heal our boo-boos with the might of his Presidential kissyface – it’s that presented with two options, I thought Obama was more fiscally responsible than Romney.  (Mainly because Romney never actually bothered to get into the details of what he’d cut.)  If there had been a choice who I thought was better than Obama (and who could potentially win), I would have enthusiastically voted for him.
But I think there’s a very real possibility that even Obama can’t pull this off.  The Republicans are all like ZOMG IT’S NOW OVER and WE’RE GOING TO DEFAULT and SAY HELLO TO OUR NEW POSITION AS GREECE, and I think that maybe we will wind up in an even worse economic meltdown.  Part of that is because the Republicans are horrifically intractable (filibuster what?), and as such I don’t know whether Obama can hammer out a compromise, and part of that is that I think Obama’s slightly more likely to cut than Romney (as Republicans, despite their rep as fiscally responsible, spend like sailors whenever war comes a-knocking).  But I viewed “a potential compromise” as way better than “Romney’s tactics unleashed.”
So many Republicans are framing the issue as “Oh, you think Obama will fix it all!  You’re so naive!”  No.  I think of Obama the way I think of an experimental drug treatment; hopefully, it’ll work.  It’s better than the side effects of the other drugs suggested.  But none of this is a sure-shot guarantee of success, and if it all fails, then I’m confident I’ve made the best choice of the ones I had available, with the information I had at the time.
So if things do go South, here it is: I wasn’t 100% positive about Obama.  Maybe, like, 70%.  But that was better than the 25% confidence I had in Romney.

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