Facebook Selfishness, Redux

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 15.678% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

Yesterday, when I yelled at people for being selfishly rude on Facebook, I got some comments that went roughly like this:
“Well, Ferrett, Facebook’s UI is terrible.  It doesn’t present everything in chronological order!  That confuses people!  You can’t blame people for being baffled by that.”
Yes, I can.
This is Facebook, arguably the single most popular application in the world today.  More people use it than anything else aside from, possibly, a web browser (and the number of people who access it through apps may change that).  And anyone who has more than ten friends knows that Facebook doesn’t present everything, and doesn’t always present them in order.  Hell, my blind mother who logs into Facebook once a week to check in on me knows that, and she’s got like fifteen friends total.  And is, you know, blind.
Furthermore, the question of whether the UI is terrible is up in the air.  Facebook presenting everything in chronological order has its own downsides, because once you reach a certain level of friends – say, 100, which is pretty low for anyone who’s been through college and high school in this day and age – the chatty Facebook people drown out the people you like, and you never see the people you care about again.  So if Facebook’s admittedly non-optimized attempts to bubble the important updates to the top is bad UI, then so is chronological order, as it’s a very understandable and reasonable design choice that will never show you what you actually want.
(Not that Facebook’s status-bumping algorithm is good, mind you, but I understand it’s a very complex challenge to try to figure out what things I want to see from which of my friends.  I’m surprised they manage it at all.)
Further to the furtherest furthermore, if you look at the idiots who do this sort of thing, they’re usually Facebook natives.  Yes, I’d forgive my mother for being confused by this, but in general when I see this irritation, I click through to the idiot who did it and lo!  S/he has 800 friends and is constantly posting on people’s walls and oh, here’s seventeen pictures of their last fun run.  Either they know what’s going on, and can’t be bothered, or they’re such a fucking moron that they use this thing every day and are still confused by how it works, in which case their slug-like intellect approaches levels of discourtesy.
Look, English Grammar is also complicated.  But I don’t really cut people all that much slack for typing “U no its not rite wen ur GF cheets on U,” and that’s not even adding more stress to anyone in a stressful position.  If someone’s just posted something obviously bad, the least you can do for a friend in time in need is learn how to use a fucking program that you should probably know how to use already.  It’s not rocket science.
Wanna call me an elitist?  Go ahead.  But if you are, you’re lowering the bar for “public Internet usage” to the point where malformed mice can hop over it, because this isn’t elitism; it’s courtesy.

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