Where I'll Be At WFC

(NOTE: Based on time elapsed since the posting of this entry, the BS-o-meter calculates this is 16.884% likely to be something that Ferrett now regrets.)

"Run," Bakri Says - My Latest Story's In Asimov's!If you’re attending World Fantasy Con in San Diego this weekend, good news!  I’ll be there.
Better news!  I’ve got a reading!  So if you want to hear me read my latest time-travelling terrorism tale “‘Run,’ Bakri Says” (available in Asimov’s latest issue), you can find me reading it at 8:30 on Saturday night!  Please come.  It’s dinnertime.  I will be lonely, and scared, a juice which only makes my performances better.
Also, if you want to meet up at some point during WFC, leave a comment and we’ll find some way to exchange numbers.  I’m text-friendly. Some might say addicted.

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