A Kickstarter I Enjoy: GUD Magazine

We are all adrift in a sea of Kickstarters, but this one’s worthy.  You may remember GUD Magazine, the fine (and bulky) magazine full of awesome stories, as I reviewed way back when.  GUD has a nice vibe that I adore, nice character-driven stories that run the gamut in tone.  And they were, eventually, kind enough to purchase my story “In The Garden of Rust and Salt,” which for an early post-Clarion story is still one of my strongest.

Now they have a Kickstarter for Issue #7, which has all kinds of good writers.  The Kickstarter is already funded, because they are that good, but the real value is in the zine you’ll get, which I have every faith will be awesome.  So if you like speculative fiction, check it out.  Soon.  (It’s over in 54 hours.)

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