Ultimate Purity Test 2.0

In taking the Ultimate Purity Quiz 2.0, over 10,000 unique individuals - about a third of the total quiz-takers - have chosen to share their demographic information with the world. I waited until I had enough data points to make it worthwhile - but now that I have them, why not share that data? It's an interesting look at the world of quiz-takers, and shows that that indeed, Liberals do have wilder sex than Conservatives (even if Anarchists have more sex than anybody), and Females tend to be a little gayer than Men.

Remember these things before you take this information too seriously, however :

  • This is self-selective data. Everyone who's taken this test has come here willingly, which is a strong bias towards those who are more open about their sexuality. I don't think a lot of Catholic priests have been taking this exam - making this an excellent view of the sort of people who are willing to take a Purity Quiz, but not necessarily an indication of people as a whole.
  • This data is not reliable. While there are a few questions that weed out the actual liars on the exam (I included a few "trigger" questions based on Urban Legends that automatically disqualify anyone who selects them), this is self-reported data. That said, I don't think most people have an incentive to lie on this quiz considering they could, y'know, just not take it. It's probably about as accurate as most sexual surveys.
  • This data only counts those who shared their demographic data, meaning that about two-thirds of the people who've taken the quiz are not counted. The scores of anonymous people tend to skew about 1 to 3 points higher overall, which sounds about right - if you're afraid of sharing personal data with strangers, you're probably less willing to share bodily fluids with strangers. However, that's balanced out by the fact that anonymous quiz-takers can take the quiz repeatedly, thus stuffing the data with multiple entries from the same people. (Since the Purity Quiz Demographic data is keyed by email address, that could be a problem for the Demographic data as well... But it's minimized.)
  • The data is cached, and updated once every twenty-four hours.
  • As always, remember: this is a Purity Quiz, not a Sleazery Quiz.

If you want to see this data split out some other way, feel free to shoot me an email at theferrett@theferrett.com to request some new view. Keep in mind that under no circumstances will I share user-specific data - only aggregates. They gave me this information in trust, and I don't intend to betray that trust.

(No, I have no explanation for the dip at sixty years old; there must be some swing club that sent the quiz around. Nor do I have any idea why forty-one-year olds are so repressed.)

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